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Quality Measures 

In all of our work, for more than 110 years, our commitment to providing high quality health care to residents of North Texas has been our compass. Our primary focus is to continuously improve and provide very high quality patient care. Above all, we aim to do what is best for our patients … always.

We know you have choices when deciding which hospital is best for you. In these quality web pages, we provide you with new information about the quality and safety of the care we deliver, and we hope to help you make informed decisions about where you go for health care services.

The quality measures and comparisons reported on this site come from the data we submit to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS). These measures are divided into four categories: process of care (things we do for patients), clinical outcomes (the impact of our care on patients), patient experience (satisfaction) and efficiency of our care.

Our hospitals use these measures to improve the quality and safety of patient care by focusing on the actual results of the care we provide.

We hope you take a few minutes to review this information. We are committed to openly reporting quality and patient safety data for our patients and the public. The following principles guide our efforts on your behalf:

Guiding Principles 

  1. We focus on providing information that is important to the public.
  2. We make data understandable to as large an audience as possible.
  3. We present data on measures that we perform well on, as well as on those we are improving on.
  4. We include the most recent comparisons available through the state and federal agencies.
  5. We present data on quality measures that are established by federal government agencies.
  6. We do not change the definition or criteria of the measures.
  7. We present our results even when we may not agree with a measure definition or criteria.
  8. We do not correct data that has been submitted or billed externally unless we also resubmit the data.
  9. We will make every effort to post accurate data in a timely manner.

The data on the quality site reflect the results of more than 50 measures for the 12 fully managed hospitals in Baylor Scott & White Health (BSWH) - North Texas. It also compares their patient satisfaction scores and performance to hospitals within the state of Texas and within the United States, when that information is available. We continue the transition to merge Baylor and the Scott & White hospitals; however, BSWH - Central Texas hospitals are not yet included in the information provided here. It is important to note that these data provide a partial picture about quality and satisfaction at each of our hospitals.

You can find more information about the data at or at In addition to CMS, BSWH acknowledges the work of many organizations focused on quality in health care. Links to some additional resources are included on the Web page if you would like more information about health care quality.